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Best Practice Guide to Re-engagement

Using email marketing to win back at-risk customers before it's too late

Best Practice Guide to Re-engagement

Best Practice Guide to Re-engagement

Wake up your sleeping subscribers

As marketers, we are all well aware that repeat customers are an incredibly valuable asset to our business.

Yet a shockingly small amount of effort is made to win back customers who are showing signs that they are losing interest; when, in reality, recognising the signs and taking preemptive action is an easy win. Far easier than attracting their replacement (and far less costly).

The aim of this guide to show you how email can, and should, be used to reengage at-risk customers and reignite the spark they felt when they first started their
relationship with you.

The Best Practice Guide to Re-engagement includes:

  • An insight into the benefits of using re-engagement campaigns in your email strategy
  • Best practice examples of re-engagement emails and campaigns
  • Additional tips and best practice advice