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Best Practice Guide to Lead Nurturing

Mastering 'The Dating Game' with your prospects using effective lead nurturing tactics

The Pure360 Best Practice Guide to Lead Nurturing

The Pure360 Best Practice Guide to Lead Nurturing

How 'The Age of the Customer' is changing lead nurturing

Historically lead nurturing, or drip marketing, was the sole domain of the B2B marketer. However, in The Age of the Customer, the ability to do widespread research about any product, topic or brand has changed the game.

Imagine yourself walking into an electrical goods retailer. You don’t know specifically what you’re looking for, you’re just browsing the latest technology. All of a sudden a hungry salesperson is bearing down on you, convinced they have the right product for you. How do they know if you don’t know yourself yet?

It’s our job, as marketers, to map and recognise the steps required for our own products and our own buyers’ journeys. The key being that, as consumers, our expectations for how we should be dealt with vary across the stages.

Early in the process, we want to feel unpressurised. Later down the line we want pro-active help to complete our purchase.

In The Age of the Customer, this hyper-awareness of the mass availability of everything we could ever need only leads to frustration, and leads leaking from our funnel if we offer the wrong kind of contact at the wrong time.

The Best Practice Guide to Lead Nurturing includes:

  • An introduction to lead nurturing, and why using different nurturing tactics for different types of leads is essential
  • Examples of email templates for different types of lead nurturing
  • The best way to get started with your lead nurturing strategy