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The Customer Journey: A marketer's paradox of strategy vs. practice

Are you concentrating on the parts and not the whole picture?



Discover how to build a mature customer experience built on understanding

We've teamed up with Brand Republic to survey UK marketers to find out how they are utilising the customer journey to attract, convert, and retain customers. 

The rise of digital communication channels in the last 15 years has led to a culture of customers expecting a same-day response to their queries, with 43% of consumers expecting a response within an hour.

How does this affect the customer journey, and how do businesses and brands rise to the challenge of keeping their customers happy in the face of higher and higher expectations? 

Download your copy of the report to find out more about:

  • Priorities and perceptions in digital marketing
  • Putting theory into practice
  • How customer journey strategies can increase ROI by 53% 
  • How to understand which channels to prioritise
  • How focusing on the customer's lifetime value far outweighs their short-term conversion rates