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Responsive Email Design & Build

With more than 50% of emails being viewed on a mobile device, responsive design is a must. A responsive email design means you can ensure an optimal experience across all platforms and devices, resulting in greater impact with your messages and higher ROI on your marketing efforts.

Best Practice Design

Responsive Design

Supported in all major email clients

Responsive Email Design

Your Branding

Clean Code

Available with Template Builder or in the Drag and Drop Editor

Repsonsive Email Design

Email Build

If you don’t have the resource to build your email but would like complete creative control then you can send us a psd (Photoshop document) file of your design, along with logos and associated images, and we’ll turn it into a fully optimised responsive HTML email template.

How we can deliver your new template


HTML only

Suitable for smaller templates, best for users that are happy to get stuck into the code side of email creation.

Template Builder

Template Builder

If you need a template redesign but work with lots of different blocks and modules, we can also include our template builder to make it really easy to craft different looking emails really quickly.

Drag and Drop Editor

Drag and Drop Editor

If you'd like our design team to build you a flexible and simpler to edit template, we can design a bespoke email for you using our new Drag and Drop Editor.

Creative Bundle

If you need a new suite of email templates to cater for all of your marketing needs, we can design and build these for you. By revising all of your templates at once you can be confident that each one will comply with email marketing best practice, be fully responsive and they will offer a consistent reflection of your brand. All of which will help engagement and response levels, which ultimately leads to more conversions and more revenue.

A typical package contains a welcome email, a newsletter template and a single item email, however if you have specific requirements we are happy to build a custom package to suit your needs.

Creative Bundle
Preference Centre
Preference Centre
Preference Centre

Preference Centre

Allow your visitors to choose the email communications they want to receive with a fully branded preference centre. Giving your recipients control over what they receive from you means that they are less likely to unsubscribe and more likely to engage; allowing you to maximise ROI your existing data. The preferences feed directly into your PureCampaign account, ready for your next targeted campaigns.

Custom Landing Pages

Our creative team can design and build you a bespoke landing page for your recipients. This flexible option can be used for specific campaigns, to host a sign up form or a competition application form. It can be hosted by you or on your Pure360 account.

Landing Pages
Unsubscribe Pages

Branded Unsubscribe and Share Pages

Ensure that when customers visit your landing pages they enjoy a consistent user experience with fully branded unsubscribe and share pages.

Cretive Review

Does your email template make the right first impressions? Does it have the optimum image to text ratios to increase deliverability? Is it built to maximise conversions? Our creative review will answer all of these questions, providing you with a comprehensive checklist and our top three recommendations for improvements.

Landing Pages

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