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Managed Sends

Marketers can be extremely busy, which is why sometimes customers turn to us to manage the whole process of sending their email campaigns.

Within our one-off managed send package you'll receive the following:

  • • Upload your data to PureCampaign
  • • Create simple filter queries on your campaign to make the most of your list
  • • Basic personalisation (no dynamic regions) of your email
  • • Upload and test creative to ensure campaigns are as effective as possible
  • • Inbox preview to see how your email campaign appears in all email client inboxes and devices
  • • Rigorous deliverability testing to ensure your campaigns are received by all your clients
  • • We'll schedule your campaign so your recipients receive it on the required date, day, hour and minute
  • • Provide a post campaign report including email opens, clicks and heat map

If you need anything more advanced or an ongoing service, we can provide you with a bespoke quote.

Account Migration Support

Whether you need help with a one off send or ongoing support managing your campaigns, our managed services can fit your needs. Most of our services are completely bespoke and we can provide quotes based on specific requirements.

Managed Automation Service

Automated campaigns are a great time saver for marketers. We can help you setup automated welcome, nurture, lifecycle and re-engagement campaigns that are unique to the recipient, encourage loyalty and enhance the customer experience.

With our managed automations packages, we will design the messages for you as well as handle the setup mechanics.



Pure360 PureTargeting is a real-time automation solution that enables marketers to enhance customer engagement, drive repeat purchases and nurture loyal customers with automated, highly personalised product recommendations in email and on website.

Smart Block Implementation

Make the most of our product recommendation software and have Pure360 design the layout for dynamic sections within your emails. We provide the full HTML so you just have to place into your bulk marketing emails. Display items previously bought, browsed or carted on an individual basis or use crowd sourced information scraped directly from your website.

Smart Block - Implementation
Abandon Cycle Creation

Abandon Cycle Creation

If you want all the benefits of abandoned basket or browse emails but don’t have the time to implement the solution, our managed services team can assist. We can design the emails and basket layout, including product information unique to your brand. We can then assist with testing and full implementation through to activating the triggers.

Lightbox Sign Up Forms

Do you want to grow your email list and identify as many visitors as possible on your website? Pop-up sign up forms are proven to increase the number of newsletter sign ups.

This feature in PureTargeting will allow you to easily collect addresses from your visitors and sync them directly to your list in PureCampaign. With our service, we can help you implement this hassle free by handling all the setup mechanics and providing you with the code, which can just simply be added to your website.

Smart Block - Implementation

PurePromotions Managed Setup

If you’d like us to design and consult on a great looking promotion to assist you to grow your list, our Professional Services team are on hand to ensure a smooth process. We can create competitions, coupon promotions, landing pages, and more.

Emergency Services

Emergency Services

If you need a template built last minute or some data management support for an immediate send, then we can help. Our Emergency Services are completely flexible to suit your needs and specific time frames.

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