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List Health Check

Our List Health Check is a data evaluation exercise which, upon completion, will enable you to profile and manage your data more effectively. It will also ensure that the Pure360 team can work with you on the best possible strategy so that you can get the most ROI out of your data. This insight will help you to segment your lists and target your recipients more effectively; optimising open rates and improving deliverability.

List Health Check
Custom Data Extract

Email Validation

When you send an email to an invalid address - it bounces. If you get a lot of bounces on your campaigns this can lower your sending reputation. When your sending reputation gets lower your messages will have more difficulty getting through to inbox.

With our email validation service you can make sure you’re sending to the best data possible. We will run a validation on your list to make sure that the addresses on there are real and functioning. We will then remove the invalid addresses and give you a clean list which is ready to send to.

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